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Definitions and Terminology
What Do All These Terms Mean?

Here are a few definitions that you might find useful in understanding the differences between some of the phrases and terms you may have read as associated with coffee table style books/albums.  What we typically refer to our books are Press Printed Books, Fine Art Books, and Flush Mount Books/Albums. 

Book Bound Photo Albums - Photo books with images printed on the book pages rather than slip-in photo albums or albums with magnetic pages  The primary difference is that photo books (book bound) are actually hard bound like the books you would typically purchase in a bookstore.  Book bound photo albums are radically different than slip in style photo albums, and most photo albums are the old fashioned slip in style albums where you simply slip a printed photo into a manufactured sleeve. 

Coffee Table Books/Albums - Typically, these are hard bound (book bound) books like you would buy in a bookstore.  For our coffee table photo books/albums, digital photo images are printed directly onto exceptionally high-quality pages via a professional printing process using 100-lb laminated paper stock and professionally bound with hard covers (leather or photo-style covers).

Coffee Table Wedding Books - See Coffee Table Books/Albums (above), and envision your wedding images printed in such a book – and you’ll have a very good idea of what a coffee table wedding book is. 

Fine Art Books - They are exceptionally sturdy, printed on a heavy and durable fine-art paper stock, and lay flat when opened, with almost no visible gutter to interrupt panoramic images. The pages in this kind of book flex but do bend easily like a regular book, but pages are not quite as thick as pages in flush mount books/albums.  Fine art books can accommodate more pages than flush mount books/albums.

Flush Mount Books / Flush Mounted Pages - Designed page layouts are printed onto photo paper bonded together with a thin substrate between, so the final page is thick and sturdy. Flush mount book/album pages are very thick and will flex slightly but not bend easily.  Flush mount books are very durable and heavy, but are limited in the number of pages they will hold because of the thickness of the pages (typically, flush mount books/albums cannot exceed 30 leaves/60 sides).

Hard Bound Albums - Same as Book Bound Album (above).

Magazine Style Albums - This typically does not refer to the type of binding or construction methods, but to the style of page design.  That is, book pages that are designed and laid out creatively, with a sense of elegance and glamour not typically available with traditional wedding albums.  Think of the creative layouts applied to many published magazines and you’ll get a sense of what can be done with a magazine style.  In other words, you’re not getting a magazine for your album, but a hard bound book with creative layout characteristics of a magazine. 

Panoramic Book Images - Images that are cropped or otherwise designed to fit across a span of two pages in a printed photo book. 

Press Printed Books - These books resemble standard books with a vertical center gutter between the pages.  The press printed books that we work with have thicker pages than most bookstore books and are additionally laminated for extra durability.  Our press printed books can have as few as 20 pages (10 leaves/20 sides) and as many as 100 pages (50 leaves/100 sides) and are typically printed in 10 page increments (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100 total pages).

Storybook Albums - Nothing more than an album of images that visually tells a story (the prime example being the story of a wedding day).  Many of the types of books/albums described on this page are occasionally referred to as storybook albums. 

Traditional or Classic Photo Albums - Photo albums designed for slipping in printed photos, with sleeves built in to hold standard printed photos.  Advantages and disadvantages?  Traditional albums are often fantastic!  But they are also big, thick, bulky and heavy with very limited design potential.  There is no getting around the limitations of traditional albums, despite their appeal on many levels. 

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