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We Offer the Finest Hard Bound / Book Bound / Leather Bound Photo Books (Book-Style Albums) Created from Your Own Personal Photographs. 

You Provide the Photos, We Design and Publish the Book

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Coffee Table Photo Books Price List
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Please contact us by e-mail or phone (281) 538-0579 for more information. 

Notes on Pricing and "Cheap" or Inexpensive Books

We produce books that are among the highest quality that can be found, and we produce them for those who want the best. 

Please Note:  Due to steadily increasing inquiries about our custom coffee table book design and production services, we feel we must place a few notes on quality and expense here.  For the visitor to our site who is looking for "cheap" and inexpensively produced books, you will not find those here.  While there are certain sources for cheap photo books, the purchaser of such books should be cautioned that anyone buying a cheaply made and cheaply sold book will certainly get what's paid for in making the purchase.  Typically, such books that can be bought cheaply can be seen by virtue of price alone as warning sign about what can be expected.  Low price generally means low quality pages and covers, questionable workmanship, poor production values, and little or no attention paid to design aesthetics and layout options and usually, little attention paid to what the client would really like to have.  In some cases, such lack in quality is of little concern, when all the purchaser wants is a cheaply and inexpensively published book.  However, we DO NOT produce those kinds cheaply made and cheaply sold books.  "Cheap" books are not something we will allow ourselves to be associated with on any level, so we work with only the best books.  A really good quality, custom designed and personalized coffee table photo book simply cannot be produced and sold cheaply.  The production cost alone from a professional book publisher prohibits selling them as inexpensive items.  Design and layout time, if the books are done with proper care and attention to detail, generally requires many days sometimes weeks, cumulatively of professional design effort in collaboration with the client.  If you, as our client, want the best possible quality coffee table photo book produced from your photos, and you want the designers and producers to pay attention to what you envision in terms of layout, design and production, then you can contact us with confidence. We can design a book as simply or elaborately as the client wants, but all of our books (whether simple or complex in design) emphasize high-quality design and production values. 

We take the necessary time and make a conscientious effort to produce some of the finest personalized coffee table photo books that can be made.  We work only with the best publishers in the business to ensure that ours are among the most outstanding personal coffee table books in which any individual or family can invest.  We take the time to create multiple design layout options for each of our books, and during the design phase we give our clients multiple visual choices for every page in their book.  We actively solicit our client's feedback at several stages during book design to ensure that each book evolves into as fine a finished product as possible. 

A great coffee table photo book is not designed and published in a day or two and in most cases not even in a week or two.  Although we can work quickly when needed (and occasionally, quick designs and turnaround are needed), most of our books take several weeks to finalize due to our attention to detail and our willingness to make necessary revisions along the way based on client feedback.  You give us your photos and your initial book ideas, and we present you with an initial design concept.  You provide feedback on that design, and we respond in whatever way necessary to incorporate further input from you.  Sometimes, our initial designs are exactly on target with what the client wants, and at other times we need to make certain layout revisions to fine-tune the books.  We are willing to go through the fine-tuning process until each book has grown from a mere initial concept into a fully fleshed-out book that meets the client's expectations. 

Our final designs are printed on exceptionally high quality book pages and optionally bound in leather (in finely boxed leather volumes or designed with photo-style book covers and matching dust jackets).  The paper/print stock used by our publishers/binders puts even the best of book store coffee table books to shame this is no exaggeration, but simple fact.  The pages and paper stock used in our books are designed for photo printing (to bring out the best in each book's photos), and not merely text-quality pages that happen to have photos printed on them.  The difference in look and feel is unmistakable.  The look and feel of the pages in our books is simply stunning.  The word we hear most often when a client first views one of our books in person is (literally), "Wow!"  And there is truly a lot of "wow" factor in our books, a big part of which is our publisher's/binder's dedication to exceptionally high production values necessary in producing high-end coffee table photo books.  From our dedicated design and layout efforts through the publisher's/binder's book production materials and techniques, the best in design and production values go into our books.

Our books are not "cheap," but when you hold the final product in your hands, and page through the captured moments of your life that you cared about enough to preserve in coffee table book form, you know that your money has been well invested.  So, if you are really looking for the best you can get (heirloom quality), you are looking in the right place - and we welcome your inquiries.  And, we sincerely thank you for considering our design and publication services. 


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Please contact us for details on any of our products.

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